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Excellent Condition, low mileage 56K miles, Southern US Truck, Crew Cab, large back seat, Allison automatic, durable DT444E engine, 14ft electric over hydraulic dump, Nice Clean Truck. Contact Richard at Palmer Automotive & Truck Center, 3979 Read Drive Summerside, PEI. Phone 902-4394098. email is

1997 WALTEK C-5500P

Waltek Model C-5500P, Foam Truck Medium; including Drive and Pump engines and having 4 wheel drive capability for on and off road use and operation. nice 4wd fire rescue truck! The Waltek C-5500P is specially configured to combat fires of fuels involved in Aircraft accidents/ incidents in and around airports with single occupant operation Firefighting Capabilities - 5500 L Water, 660 L 6% AFFF Foam, 225 Kg Purple K Dry Chemical Dual Agent Turret, Reach of Stream 52m + Maximum Discharge Time 115 seconds 3000 L/min @ 1310 kPa Foam (HIGH) 1500 L/min @ 1310 kPa Foam (LOW) 6.8 Kg/Sec Dry chemical Air aspirating Nozzle 2 X Handlines, 178m each side 360 L/min Foam or water, Bubble Jet nozzles, Dual Agent Booster, 33 metres, 227 L/min Foam, 2.3 Kg/Sec Air Aspirating nozzle

1994 OSHKOSH T3000

GREAT CONDITION OSHKOSK 6X6 ARFF AIRPORT CRASH TRUCK• 6wd Fire rescue truck Automatic transmission • Diesel Detroit engine • 540 HP engine • 2 door cab • (2) SCBA seating • Cab seats 3 firemen • Roof Turret • Waterous side mount pump • 1800 GPM pump • 3000 gallon Tank • 420 gal foam Tank • Roof & Bumper Turrets Overall Length 35' 5''


This airport crash truck was completely refurbished in 1994, complete with new Spartan extra large cab which makes this truck one of a kind! 6wd Fire rescue truck! • Engine: Detroit 8V92TA – 540hp • Transmission: Allision Automatic • Spartan extra large aluminum cab • Seats 6 fire fighters, additional seating can be added, 10 man cab • Air conditioned cab • Fire surpression nozzles • Rear camera system • Feecon system • Rust free, beautiful condition, we can make any modifications you require! Mileage 18360 miles • width is 9' 3.5"